Mind to Follow the Right Path

KOSÉ’s founder, Kozaburo Kobayashi, adopted this message as our corporate motto. This spirit continues to guide our corporate activities today.

Environmental Policies

CO2 emissions
Wisdom and Beauty for the People of the Earth

This message encapsulates our desire to continually generate “wisdom and beauty” to ensure that future generations will continue to live happily in society, and in a beautiful green earth. As a promise to all stakeholders, we value our connections to society and the natural environment.

Together with the Environment

KOSÉ makes continual efforts to conserve the global environment, including reducing the amount of industrial waste in its production activities, reducing energy use to help mitigate global warming, and preventing environmental pollution. For CO2 reductions, we have set an environmental target for the amount of CO2 emissions at the production stage of 98.5% of fiscal 2013 levels by fiscal 2016.

KOSÉ also makes continual efforts to reduce industrial waste, mainly in its production divisions. In fiscal 2014, more than 99.9% of waste was recycled as reprocessed plastics, compost, or fuel.

SAVE the BLUE® Project Spreads Worldwide

The SAVE the BLUE® project, launched in 2009 as an effort to preserve the coral reefs around Okinawa, has been expanded to other Asian countries. In ASEAN countries, the program supports environmental conservation efforts, centered on preservation of the local coral reefs.

Customer Satisfaction is Our Desire

Together with Customers

Since its foundation in 1946, the KOSÉ Group has always placed the highest priority on providing cosmetics and services that satisfy customers by offering the best possible quality.

In providing such high-quality products and services, KOSÉ, with its focus on creating beauty, is committed to making safety and security its top priority so as to meet the beauty and health needs of its customers and help each one live a more fulfilling life.

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For the Sake of the Global Environment

The KOSÉ Group’s CSR Committee is responsible for decision-making related to CSR activities in general while the CSR Promotion Committee and its affiliated Environmental Working Group take a leadership role in promoting environmental activities. All these activities are based on the basic concept of ISO 14001 (developed by the International Organization for Standardization) related to environmental management.

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CSR Supply Chain Management

Having prioritized its relationships with business partners since its foundation, KOSÉ has practiced business management aiming to achieve “co-existence and co-prosperity” and to work in collaboration with them to provide customers with considerate and attentive services. Despite changes in the business environment, this corporate attitude has remained unchanged to the present day.

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Together with Employees

Believing that the growth of each employee leads to the growth of the company, the KOSÉ Group respects the desire of employees to improve themselves and make independent decisions, and offers full support to those who are willing and courageous enough to take on challenging responsibilities.

We are committed to developing a corporate culture where individual human rights and diversity are respected, with consideration given to occupational safety and health as well as work-life balance, so that employees can play an active role at work.

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Together with Local Communities

With emphasis on harmony and co-existence with local communities as one of the important issues that need to be addressed, the KOSÉ Group has been engaged in activities to contribute to society both through cosmetics and industry-academia collaboration. Hoping that we will continue to be needed by the communities we serve, as a good corporate citizen we will expand the scope of our activities to achieve a sustainable society.

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